Temporary Fencing

Do you need temporary fencing to secure your property? Are you looking to hire a fencing contractor who can do the job quickly? If you’re in Perth, Bears Fencing is a phone call away!

Call Bears Fencing for temporary fencing!

Bears Fencing is here to provide you with temporary fencing solutions such as temporary fencing. We are here to help you arrive at the best fencing solution for your situation. Let us know what type of temporary fence solution you have in mind, and we will do our best to follow it. 

For temporary fencing, the Bears Fencing team will assess the area and provide you a clear picture of the expected outcome. This procedure will also enlighten you about the costs of temporary fencing and what to expect during the installation. We can do temporary fencing service for work sites, council projects, concerts, sporting events, festivals and many more. 

The Bears Fencing team specializes in temporary fencing; and with our broad experience in the industry, the team has acquired the best skills needed to successfully install temporary fences.  We always strive to give you the best temporary fence service at all times and to ensure that your needs and wants are considered first.

At Bears Fencing we can deliver, install, dismantle and remove temporary fences. We take responsibility for quick delivery and efficient installation. Professional help is needed in dismantling the temporary fence to ensure that it will not fell apart or bent, which is also included in our temporary fence service. Nevertheless, we will also help you in the removal of the temporary fence.

Temporary fencing is needed to keep away unwanted people off the property or area, prevent debris from leaving the site, to let people know that there is ongoing work and many more.

For more details about temporary fencing, talk to Bears Fencing!…

The Benefits of Twinside Retaining Walls

Do you need a cost-effective retaining wall? Would you like to have a retaining wall that can also preserve the soil in your property? If so, the twinside retaining wall is worth considering!

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Twinside retaining is one of the most effective fencing solutions that are used to retain soil in the property and replace rotten timber sleeper retaining walls. It is made of pre-cast concrete, which makes it a durable and robust fence foundation. It also has a double sided pattern that makes the fence look stunning from both sides.  

Here are the advantages of using twinside retaining walls:

It is cost effective

Twinside retaining walls are cost effective. It can be installed and maintained easily. You can save a lot on maintenance as you do not need to buy any treatment that can protect the wall from weathering. 

Space saving

There are various designs and style for twinside retaining walls which can be fitted accordingly to the space of your property. There are also twinside retaining walls designs that can help maximise the space in your property and will not make it look crowded from the outside. The design and height of the fence are things that you should give consideration when deciding for a twinside retaining wall.  

Different colours to match with your property

Twinside retaining walls come with various colours and textures that can easily blend it with your property and neighbourhood. It also has different textures which allow you to blend and mix the colours to improve the aesthetics of your property. Check with Bears Fencing to learn more about twinside retaining walls colours and finishes. 

Protect your property 

Twinside retaining walls can protect your property, especially if you are living in high-speed wind areas. Twinside retaining is made of premium quality materials which can protect your property from the intense burst of wind and rain. It can also prevent weeds, animals, insects, and other unwanted visitors from entering your property. 


Twinside retaining guarantees durability and cost-effectiveness and can also make you’re your property look beautiful and distinctive. (Good looking fences adds value to the property) Twinside retaining walls can last long when built and maintained properly. 

For twinside retaining walls prices in Perth, reach out to Bears Fencing.

Twinside Retaining Walls by Bears Fencing 

Bears Fencing is a respected fencing contractor in Perth WA. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and takes pride in projects that conform to the Australian standards. We have a team of fencing specialists who can ensure that the installation of twinside retaining walls is done right during the first time. 

Choose us for twinside retaining walls jobs in Perth! Take advantage of our expertise and passion in helping people build a practical and durable fence for security and other purposes. We can also provide fencing solutions and supplies that can help maintain or repair twinside retaining walls. 

Do your part now!

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5 COLORBOND®️ Fencing Colour Ideas

There are at least 24 COLORBOND®️ fencing colours which are all inspired by Australia. Choosing the best colour for your home or property can be overwhelming due to a wide variety of choices. There are also a few things that you need to consider when choosing the right COLORBOND®️ colours such as the aesthetics of your home and surrounding.

Check out Bears Fencing for COLORBOND®️ fencing in Perth!

However, here a few COLORBOND®️ colour ideas you should consider:

Woodland Grey

Woodland grey COLORBOND®️ colour is inspired by the cool green Australian forest. It is an ideal colour for those who prefer a vintage look for their home. It has a brown and green texture that matches a lighter home exterior. The woodland grey texture also matches the windows and frames of your home giving it a natural vintage look.

Wild Nature Tone

If you want a theme that will get you close to nature, the wild nature tone is a perfect choice. This COLORBOND®️ colour can help achieve peaceful surroundings and a cheerful mood. Additionally, if you have gutters, roller doors, and gates in a green hue, the wild forest theme can enhance the appearance of your home.

Earth Tone

Earth tone is one of the most popular COLORBOND®️ colours that is preferred by most homeowners because of its simple yet eleSSSSSgant look that can lighten the mood of the surroundings. The earth tone will remind you of the summer vibe – the feeling of comfort and warmth.


The ironstone is inspired by the purple-grey hues of distant mountains, stormy skies and the natural beauty of the coastal region. Ironstone is also an alternative to black. If you want your fence to look interesting and creative, choose the ironstone shade!

Monument Tone

The monument tone is a good recommendation for those who prefer an urban-inspired look. It is a bright and vibrant colour that can match the texture of a light exterior wall. Bring the city look to your home by choosing the monument tone!

Final Thoughts

The real question is… how can you choose the best COLORBOND®️ colour for your fence? How can you be sure that it will blend well with your property after installation?

There is one way to find out – ask for professional help!

The COLORBOND®️ is a versatile fence that can blend well on any property, it has a wide selection of colours for you to choose from and you can easily install COLORBOND®️ fence extensions if you wish to add height.

Define the look that you want to achieve and from there you can choose the right colour.

With the COLORBOND®️, you can showcase creativity and style!


Reach out to Bears Fencing for  COLORBOND®️ fence installation and COLORBOND®️ fencing prices!


Top 3 Quality Fences

Fences are not only for security. It makes your home look distinctive and attractive as well. There are different types of high-quality fences that are designed to secure and make your property look great from the outside.
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These are top quality fences that you must consider:


COLORBOND® is a type of fence that is made of COLORBOND® steel and comes with panels, fixing posts, caps and other finishing items. They are pre-painted products which are tailored to Australian standards.

Here’s a guide for choosing designs and colours for COLORBOND® fencing in Perth.

Pool Fence

Pool fences serve as barriers to restrict the access of young children to the pool. They are designed strongly to avoid accidents and other injuries. Aluminium, vinyl, glass, steel, and fence are a few types of pool fences.

Here are the regulations for pool fencing in Perth every fence contractor must follow.

Aluminium Fence

Aluminium fences are lightweight, durable, and corrosive free. They can be cleaned easily, require low maintenance, and can resist weathering. Aluminium fence panels are a perfect fencing option as it is cost-effective and requires low maintenance.

Always ask for professional help when installing and repairing your fences to avoid high expenses in labour and repair. Do not play “renovation roulette” on your fences if you do not have sufficient knowledge as the damage may become worse and would cost a fortune in fixing.

Here’s one of the fencing contractors in Perth who can happily assist you in building and repairing your fences.

Tips for Finding the Best Fencing Contractor

Finding a fencing contractor is easy. However, finding the best one for the job can be a challenge due to factors like work quality and prices.
So, how can you find the best contractor? What should you consider before hiring one?

Do your research

Start your research by asking around or searching the web. Word of mouth is always the best recommendation. You can also check the internet for customer reviews and other essential details.

Check the materials

Always check the fencing products and materials that are being used. Ask for the list of materials and find out specific product details. The quality of the products and materials that are being used should always be considered.Here are types of fencing products you can use for retaining walls in Perth. Also, check out the aluminium fence panels as an option.

Consider track record and experience

Know the background of the company. Find out more about their track record and experience. Check their work references by visiting the site for you to judge the quality of work. (What you see is what you get!)


Timeline is important. You need a contractor who does the job quickly and finishes on time.

Compare the cost of service.

Cost is an important factor when choosing a fence contractor. See a few before choosing one. Compare labour costs and other expenses. Do not be fooled by a low-cost service as the work quality may be poor.


Before hiring a fence contractor, you have to research, check, compare, and consider.
By asking around or finding customer reviews, you will find a potential fencing contractor who can provide an excellent service.
Quality check should be a priority. Make time to check their finished project to confirm work quality.
Compare the prices and services each potential fencing contractor can offer. Be aware of the important details to ensure that you are on the right path.
Lastly, do not forget the lists of things that you need to consider before closing the deal with the fencing contractor. This can be prices, services, timeline, insurance, work guarantee, etc.…

Construction – Fencing Contractor

Fences complete our homes in more than one way. They provide much-needed security and privacy to your home. They are also a great addition to making any house look good. They have a lot of potential to be the centerpiece of your front lawn. A good fence goes a long way and can last a long time. However, they are not immune to damage. You may be moving to a new area or need to rebuild your fence. Doing it yourself may not always be the best option and so you should consider the services of a fencing contractor. If your in Perth WA and you need a fencing contractor check out Bears fencing there are the Best Fencing Contractors in Perth.

So what is a fencing contractor?

Fencing contractors are often part of construction companies. They are individuals who specialize in the planning, construction, erection, repair, and alteration of fences, runs, game courts enclosures, barriers, backstops, gates, and corals. Not many people are willing to let contractors build their fences because it seems like a simple job; especially for someone handy with tools. However, no matter how much you are into DIY fixers, there are several reasons why you should hire a fencing constructor.

The first and most obvious reason is experience and knowledge. Unless you are a qualified contractor who has experience building fences, then you should hire a contractor. We are in a brilliant age of technology that includes YouTube videos that can teach you how to do anything. While that ‘build your own fence’ video seems very informative, you need to practice a couple of times before you can get it perfect. So until then, you should hire a contractor. A contractor is well equipped with all sorts of tools that can help deal with the terrain. What is more, the contractor will also have the right measurements and layout for your land. 

There are many benefits to hiring a contractor. Contrary to what people think, hiring a fencing contractor can save you money. Choosing to build your fence professionally saves you a lot of money in the long run through preventing maintenance issues that would cost money. Another benefit is that a fencing contractor has the ability and experience to make your fence as unique and as fancy as you want. Overall, having a professional work on your fence for you puts your mind at ease. You will not have to worry about it being unstable or filled with holes. 

When choosing a fencing contractor, it is best to start with references from your friends and family. You can also conduct a quick internet search and check out the customer reviews of each contractor. When you pick your desired professional, request a portfolio of successful jobs or customer success stories to determine if they are the best pick. It is also important that you ask for proof of license to make sure that they are legitimate contractors. It is better to go with professionals who have solid insurance policies should anything go wrong during the construction process. Finally, when you hire a fencing contractor, ensure that you sign a contract that protects your interest. Ensure that it is personalized with the specific details of the will be work done.