5 COLORBOND®️ Fencing Colour Ideas

There are at least 24 COLORBOND®️ fencing colours which are all inspired by Australia. Choosing the best colour for your home or property can be overwhelming due to a wide variety of choices. There are also a few things that you need to consider when choosing the right COLORBOND®️ colours such as the aesthetics of your home and surrounding.

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However, here a few COLORBOND®️ colour ideas you should consider:

Woodland Grey

Woodland grey COLORBOND®️ colour is inspired by the cool green Australian forest. It is an ideal colour for those who prefer a vintage look for their home. It has a brown and green texture that matches a lighter home exterior. The woodland grey texture also matches the windows and frames of your home giving it a natural vintage look.

Wild Nature Tone

If you want a theme that will get you close to nature, the wild nature tone is a perfect choice. This COLORBOND®️ colour can help achieve peaceful surroundings and a cheerful mood. Additionally, if you have gutters, roller doors, and gates in a green hue, the wild forest theme can enhance the appearance of your home.

Earth Tone

Earth tone is one of the most popular COLORBOND®️ colours that is preferred by most homeowners because of its simple yet eleSSSSSgant look that can lighten the mood of the surroundings. The earth tone will remind you of the summer vibe – the feeling of comfort and warmth.


The ironstone is inspired by the purple-grey hues of distant mountains, stormy skies and the natural beauty of the coastal region. Ironstone is also an alternative to black. If you want your fence to look interesting and creative, choose the ironstone shade!

Monument Tone

The monument tone is a good recommendation for those who prefer an urban-inspired look. It is a bright and vibrant colour that can match the texture of a light exterior wall. Bring the city look to your home by choosing the monument tone!

Final Thoughts

The real question is… how can you choose the best COLORBOND®️ colour for your fence? How can you be sure that it will blend well with your property after installation?

There is one way to find out – ask for professional help!

The COLORBOND®️ is a versatile fence that can blend well on any property, it has a wide selection of colours for you to choose from and you can easily install COLORBOND®️ fence extensions if you wish to add height.

Define the look that you want to achieve and from there you can choose the right colour.

With the COLORBOND®️, you can showcase creativity and style!


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